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Director of Web Strategy at the Internet Society. Author, speaker and podcaster on Internet technologies, VoIP, telecom, security, social media, IPv6, DNSSEC. Addicted to the sport of curling.


The Directory Dilemma - Why Facebook, Google and Skype May Win the Mobile App War - an updated version of post I wrote in December 2014 on a topic I find critical -


That moment when your computer makes a notification sound… but you can’t identify it, nor know which browser tab or app made the sound!


Soo... if I want to comment on Jon Udell's post on Known from my own Known site... do I just put in a link to his post: This is not very clear in any of the Known documentation.


Pleased to see that former neighbor Jon Udell is on Known as


"Innovation requires serendipity." - Eli Pariser in "The Filter Bubble"


Of Leaf Banks, Yankee Frugality and our Disposable Society -


Somehow Friday seems to have snuck up on me...


Just testing that status updates do appear as they are expected to do.


I love it when a Monday morning starts with getting two blog posts out before 10 am! :-)


Yesterday I wrote a piece about "The Importance of The 'Known' Publishing Platform And The Rise Of The Indie Web" - at the end I also had a brief commentary on the difference between Known and Ello -