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Somehow Friday seems to have snuck up on me...


Just testing that status updates do appear as they are expected to do.


TDYR 175 - R.I.P Orkut

As many of us experiment with Ello, the latest social network to attract interest, I pause for a moment to remember Orkut, the first "social network" site that many of us experimented with way back in 2004 ... and that was finally shut down by Google today...

(also experimenting with posting an audio file via Known out to SoundCloud and other sites)


I love it when a Monday morning starts with getting two blog posts out before 10 am! :-)


Yesterday I wrote a piece about "The Importance of The 'Known' Publishing Platform And The Rise Of The Indie Web" - at the end I also had a brief commentary on the difference between Known and Ello -


With all the buzz about Ello, yes, I'm there - (which you would know if you listed to FIR 774 last week - )


It's a geeky thing, but as I write down a phone message I enjoy that here in little old 603 area code we can still dial only 7 digits :-)


These Seek infrared cameras for iPhone / Android look so cool! I'd love to have one to look at our house and see the heat loss.


You either create your future... or you allow others to create it for you.


Fascinating. It never occurred to me that our keyboards only show uppercase letters and not lowercase. (As a 5yo hunts for letters)