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Watching Known Evolve... And Being Intrigued By Convoy...

2 min read

While I haven't posted here very often at all, I've definitely been following the impressive growth of Known.  I'm subscribed to the notifications of the Github repo and as a result get an email whenever issues are opened/closed, etc.  It's been great to see all the work that has happened here to make Known better and stronger.

I'm particularly intrigued by the new Convoy service for connecting a self-hosted Known installation out to social networks.  This addresses one of the challenges I found with self-hosting Known: configuration of the connectors out to different individual social networks is cumbersome and involves a good bit of work.

This new Convoy service appears to act as a connection broker in a very similar way to how the Jetpack plugin's "Publicize" module works for WordPress.  In Jetpack's case it is using the connectivity into social networks to allow self-hosted WordPress sites to ride along on those existing connections.  You simply activate the connection between your self-hosted WordPress site and via Jetpack and, ta da, you can connect out to social networks.

Convoy appears to work in a similar fashion.  I haven't tried it out yet but that is what it looks like.  Very cool to see.

While I'm quite happy with my current sites being hosted on WordPress and am not yet ready to move my own writing over to Known, I'm very glad Known is out here and evolving as it is.  We need a competitive market of self-publishing platforms so that we as writers and publishers have a choice of innovative and useful platforms.

Congrats to the Known team for all they have done so far!